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Sunday Sessions with Miss Marcie

Episode 01 | Culture Reject
In this episode, Miss Marcie interviews Michael O'Connell of Culture Reject The self-titled debut on Whitewhale Records introduced Culture Reject's fresh collection of prose-induced, 60′s soul inspired, lo-fi pop songs soon to be characterized as “epitomizing the boldness of the new Canadian sound.
Miss Marcie starts the interview off introducing Michael has her long lost Hillside Festival friend, meeting each other while she was volunteering as a Performer Check-in. Before Michael performs his first song "Control" with wife Karri, he tells us his next full length vinyl record coming out in February 2019 called "This is how we built our home" and about his move to Meaford, Ontario.
Up next, Michael tells us his music influences which in turn brings up his social advocacy and his next original (which as never been recorded), "Pigeons and Hawks" is a true testament to it, as well as his huge talent in songwriting. As the show wraps up, Michael changes things up with a catchy "children's friendly" song which makes Miss Marcie want to sing-a-long with his performance...but don't worry she doesn't!
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