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Sunday Sessions with Miss Marcie

Episode 02 | The Main Zone
In this episode, Miss Marcie interviews Patrick Main, member of The Main Zone and founder of Pick Studio Inc. in Kincardine, Ontario. He's currently working on his 4th studio album, has toured internationally and has been performing since he was a small child. Patrick’s lyrics are upbeat, funky, catchy and even a little romantic.
Miss Marcie starts the interview off introducing Patrick and his bass player, Greg Pahl, and asking them about their band, The Main Zone. Where the name comes from and how it all began. Patrick performs his first original song, "When you're in Love" that he created while on a pre-marriage counselling project with his wife, that turned into a documentary.
Up next, Patrick tells us his music influences and who he's been listening to these days. The next original is "Take it nice and easy through town" which really changed things up in the studio, showcasing Patrick's varying talent in songwriting and vocal sound. As the show wraps up, Miss Marcie thanks Patrick for being her first Sunday Sessions episode, excited to hear his last tune, which in turns blows her mind with a little hip hop vibe!
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