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Sunday Sessions with Miss Marcie

Episode 03 | Road Waves
In this episode, Miss Marcie interviews Ji Sharp Yehia, member of Road Waves, an experimental band from the Niagara region. He has recorded two albums with Road Waves and is currently touring all over Canada.
J’s music is known to be off the beaten path, with one of his tunes off his latest album being described as “starts off as reggae but then becomes classical and segue into a bluegrass barnburner”.
Miss Marcie starts the interview off introducing Ji and his keyboardist, Don Letourneau, and asking them about their band, Road Waves. Ji performs his first original song, “The One" which he describes is about that feeling of, if you don’t take the chance that this one opportunity is the one and only chance, you’ll miss out.
Up next, Ji talks about his writing style and process which leads us to next original, "Stronger" changing things up in the studio, with a much heavier tone and lyrics. After this song, she talks to Ji about how he connects with his audience and really shines while channelling through his music.
Speaking of “Shine”, the title of his last original, not only evokes a completely didn’t emotion in Marcie from the other songs but makes it quite apparent why Road Waves are known for being all the over map with their different flavours of sound.
Something you don’t want to miss.
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