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Sunday Sessions with Miss Marcie

Episode 04 | Ivan Rivers
In this episode, Miss Marcie interviews the Celebrated Folk Icon, Ivan Rivers from the little hamlet, Brucefield, Ontario. He has recorded ten-plus records and EPs under different projects and aliases, but two EPs as Ivan Rivers with one a new album coming out soon.
This one is his favourite, but it’s still a work in progress. Expect it next spring! Miss Marcie starts the interview off introducing Ivan, as Celebrated Folk Icon and chatting about his recent shows in Kingston and discussing his recent move to Guelph. He performs his first original song, “Bloomed in 2" which he describes was written while suffering in hospital, battling his bipolar disorder.
This song will be in his upcoming album, as of right now, untitled. While in keeping with the melancholy vibe, Ivan moves right into the next original, “I Could Have Loved You ’Til I Died”, this song about lost love also strikes a cord with Marcie. We also find out this song was written from personal heartache and has never been recorded until this day, one special day indeed.
We are happy to see that Ivan can be so open about his mental illness, kudos to him. To wrap things up, Ivan decides to changed his mind on his last song for Sunday Sessions by singing a more spiritual song, “I am in Your Darkness” which is really highlighting Ivan’s talents and skills in many genres. Inspiring is one word to describe this lovely soul.
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