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Sunday Sessions with Miss Marcie

Episode 05 | Andrew Parkhouse
In this episode, Miss Marcie interviews Port Elgin local, Andrew from the Andrew Parkhouse Band. He has recorded 2 albums with his newest one being his personal favourite, Judgement Day, recorded in Memphis Tennessee, and with one new album coming this October.
Miss Marcie starts the interview off introducing Andrew and chatting about his weekly gig in Kincardine at the Bruce Steakhouse, where you can find him playing his originals, every Thursday. He performs his first original song, “I still love you" which really shows his country/blues roots and this song is from his his most recent album.
In keeping with the country vibe, Andrew moves right into his next original, “You find you”, which makes Miss Marcie wonder if she had heard this song on the radio, and it turned out it was on the radio. Just goes to show you that there is so much talent right here in Bruce County within the Andrew Parkhouse Band.
To wrap things up, Andrew decides to make some magic in our little studio with his new song, “Where have you been” which had never been recorded yet. And what a treat it was! We are thrilled that Andrew Parkhouse Band came with his heartwarming lyrics, beautiful voice, and humbling personality - one episode we’ll never forget.
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