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Sunday Sessions with Miss Marcie

Episode 06 | Ben Vecchies
In this episode, Miss Marcie interviews local boy, Ben Vecchies. Ben is in the processes of collecting songs for his first album. But luckily you can see Ben play all around the Port Elgin area! Miss Marcie starts the interview off introducing Ben and chatting about where he’s been playing and what’s new with him musically.
He performs his first original song, “Due Time" with his rhythmic lyrics and raspy voice, Marcie pictured herself listening to his song while chillin’ on the beach. In keeping with this vibe, Andrew moves right into his next original, “Hello Miss Mello”, another fun tune with a groovy vibe - that Ben just loves to play…and Miss Marcie just couldn’t help but sway to behind the scenes!
To wrap things up, Ben decides to change things up a little with a song he wrote while travelling, “Josie”…and one he describes as a sing-a-long. And he wasn’t lying, that’s for sure! We are thrilled that Ben Vecchies showered us with his raw and meaningful lyrics, he truly is another undiscovered musical treasure.
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