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Sunday Sessions with Miss Marcie

Episode 07 | Bobby Scongack
In this episode, Miss Marcie interviews local boy, Bobby Scongack. Bobby is in the processes of collecting songs for his first album. But you can catch Bobby playing in his band Eden Grove, all around the Bruce County areas!
Miss Marcie starts the interview off introducing Bobby and chatting about where he’s been playing and what’s new with him musically. He performs his first original song, “Dancing in the rain" with his melodic voice, Marcie really hears one of his influences, Eric Clapton in this beautiful song.
In keeping with this vibe, Bobby moves right into his next original, “Change my direction”, a beautiful song written for one of his friend’s that lost her mother. To wrap things up, Bobby enlightens us with, “Teaching of the trees”, and if you could be moved with just a voice and a song, this would be it.
We are so happy Bobby Scongack decided to come to the studio -conveying uncertainty with fearlessness and heart through his music, he truly is another undiscovered musical treasure.
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